The Story of South Africa One Elephant’s Shadow Falling Down

The inverted funnel from the abundant developed countries designed to boost and encourage the economies of the countries that are still developing is at a spot of bother now, as their preparation to participate in the global marketplace has gone from being cinched to being closed off all together as the big boys scrabble to put out their fires at home. The huge giant elephants of the leading world powers have been moderately supportive to those developing societies with conditions, hence folding them into their shadow. But now that they have started faltering, will they follow suit or become taller than their benefactors?

South Africa, for most of its history, has been that shadow of one or more lumbering giant elephants. The British and the Dutch having established their colonies, capitalized on the natural resources, mining and people. It prides itself at one time the movement of human cargo from several distant countries as well as just over their borders. As attempts to adopt various trade policies, and be taken as a serious trade partners crash, these people have found themselves often lagging too far behind to be beneficial to them as well as putting them in unfavourable light and public opinion constantly. Domestic splintering with the various tribes or other groups has been resulted in the so called separate and definitely not equal provinces. Despite the mountainous charges in their human rights changes in the last few decades, old wounds run deep as memories prove that much work still needs to be done.

Their own imposed societal mandates wasn’t helping in their quest bring about self-governing in the eyes of the global community which insisted that the country still needed someone to lead them by the hand. But on their own doorsteps, they have taken initiative to expand upon an existing relationship they have with the European Union, to move from being the second tier trade partnerships with the forming of the South African Development Agency to work directly on the domestic and global marketplaces relationships.

A couple of the stepping stones that has boosted the economy is the fact that South Africa is key destination for much of the importing/exporting routes for China as well as a working membership into the Brazilian, Russian, Indian, China trade union. They just need to maintain a good domestic as well as global economic stability in order to receive the benefits from such an alliance. As part of this effort, they have vowed to proactive honour their commitment to the Millennium Development Goal as far as the human and societal rights are concerned and the Growth Path Framework for infrastructure improvements. Strides made on both programs will definitely prove their standing in the international marketplace.

South Africa has made a good start as they improve their footing into the global marketplace but are still in a rather fragile place. How much will be effected by the monetary upheavals within the European Union and the Euro as well as the US dollar remains to be seen.

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Igor Kurganov and His Victory

When the and Monte-Carlo Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final €25,000 High Roller came to an end, Igor Kurganov took home the first prize which was €1.08 million. To take home the gold, Kurganov beat one of the best players, Daniel Negreanu of Team PokerStars Pro. The game was intense, and no one had the consistent lead, making the game more exciting.

The players in the final table were Igor Kurganov, Daniel Negreanu, Philipp Gruissem, Justin Bonomo, Artem Litvinov, Noah Schwarts, Nathan Schoo, and Max Lykov. During the first strip of the game, Bonomo took the lead from his opponents. He had double the amount of poker chips, as opposed to other players.

Max Lykov ended up on the eighth place, when his hands were proven inferior by Negreanu’s. After which, Negreaunu removed Nathan Schoo from the game, leaving Schoo in the seventh place. Noah Schwartz executed all efforts in making sure that Schoo would have left the game by then, but he ended up on the sixth place when his flopped two pair was not able to handle Philipp Gruissem’s flush draw.

Artem Litvinov ranked on the fifth place when he went against the cards that Bonomo had, leaving Bonomo, Negreanu, Gruissem, and Kurganov on the table. Bonomo had a remarkable week at the EPT Grand Final. For starters, he won the €100,000 Super High Roller for a whopping €1.64 million. Moreover, he ended up with €266,000, and ranked 28th in the Main Event for €35,000.

When Negreanu raised 100,000 against Bonomo, it ended the game for the latter. Gruissem shortly followed, after being eliminated by Negreanu as well. The thrilling game was even pushed to the limits with Negreanu having 3.9 million chips, as opposed to Kurganov’s 2.75 million chips. There was pure uncertainty in the game, until Kurganov finally had the step up.

The turning point was Kurganov’s double ace, making him take all the money, and leaving Negreanu behind. What made it even better for Kurganov is the big fold that Negreanu made after putting a great deal of chips on the pot. After which, Negreanu was not able to get back into the game. Another deal of the hands, and it totally ended the game putting Kurganov on the lead.

Negreanu scored €598,600 on his runner-up finish. In addition to that, he was able to grab the sixth place in the €100,000 Super High Roller, taking home €310,000. His winnings totaled more than €900,000 during that week.

On the other hand, Igor Kurganov already had live tournament earnings of under $900,000. At present, Kurganov has an established win, along with at least double that of his previous tournament earnings. This EPT season proved outstanding for Kurganov, particularly in High Roller events. In fact, in this season he has earned €40,450 and the third spot in EPT Tallin €10,000 High Roller. In addition, he snatched the second place in the EPT London £20,000 High Roller, and took home £318,300. Not to mention, he nabbed the second spot in last season’s EPT Grand Final €10,000 High Roller Turbo in Madrid. He took home €123,000.

Find more poker results at

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2012 World Series of Poker Circuit Africa

Emerald Casino, Johannesburg, Africa was the host of the 2007 WSOP, the second time in two years. Because poker player Raymond Rahme won the prized final table in 2007, this brought massive attention to the game of Poker and the popularity of African poker blew sky high. South Africa is home to players Jarred Solomon, Darren Kramer, and Warren Zackey.

This significant poker tournament is considered the most prestigious on the continent. The $ 3,300 Full Tilt Main Event of the six events awarded a prize of $634, 38. enticing 218 poker players to sit in. Ladies were awarded their own event this year, while four other ring events kept the tournament exhilarating for all in attendance. Many players referenced their irritation regarding Africa’s on line poker ban, but also were happy that their game has become increasingly more valued in Africa than before.

Here’s a roundup of the events from the second WSOPCA. Event number four was considered “The Main Event.” This event lasted three long days, dropping an amazing 134 poker players within 24 hours. The defending champion, Warren Zackey finished first, leading the chips. On day two, Zackey left the game just before the money bubble seating 24 players.

By day three of the tournament, the final table was reached in a couple hours. Two occupants of Johannesburg, Jason Straus sat with Gregory Ronaldson both ring winners. Gregory and Jason slightly trailed James Parker, the local poker pro. Jason began the table with a hefty chip lead.

Quickly, short stackers Brian Bouwer, Matt Mullhall and Brad Flynn were eliminated. Sixth place Marc Joseph felted, followed by Ronaldson, who banked $39,659. at 5th. Parker at 4th captured the tidy sum of $52,780. At thois point, Joe-Boy Rahme doubled his chips which threw Straus who eliminated at third. The table now sat Ivan Pakkiri facing Rahme. Pakkiri found himself all-in against Rahme and walked away in 2nd with $98,012 fin his wallet. Rahme, now the WSOP champ and ring holder, cashed in a decent $158,595, He claimed he’d been dreaming of that prize for over 25 long years.

The first event turned out to be the biggest tournament in African Poker’s history. The event offered a game of $350, “no-limit hold-em” and seated 324 players offering up $97.200 for the prize pool. Jack Eiffel, the director of the tournament, and Scotty Nguyen, World Series of Poker bracelet five time winner, greeted the crowd and called for the “Shuffle Up and Deal!” An additional game day had to be added for the large pool players. Greg Ronaldson grabbed the World Series of Poker ring, despite his large chip shortcoming earlier on. For Ronaldson, this was a second win in the same amount of months.

Winning the other events were ring winner Jason Strauss for event two, adding $94,469. to his pocket. High Roller three handed Rob Fenner a pretty $194,000. Event five, No-limit hold-em garnered winner Armand Saayman $71,877. The final game, Event six awarded Heau Pienaar, a 34 year old man from Johannesburg, the ring and $7,784.
A fine days work, gentlemen.

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South Africa from a Business Perspective

First, before engaging into the business and economy of South Africa, we are going to start off with a small introduction, South Africa is a country with not so lucrative figure, with a promising market and a lot of emerging ones, which is found at the southern parts of Africa. As for the natural and human resources, it can be found easily.

Same as for other resources that would help its economic market such as transportation, communication and energy, alongside a developing stock market which is surprisingly located at the top 20 of the largest stock markets in the world. And with a very strong and up to date infrastructure, which means that this country is very well-suited to become a very powerful economic country.

Speaking of economy, South Africa’s is classified as followed : an emerging one, but to make things even more specific, it has to be dual classified, as there is a rural economy that is concerned with the farmers and other people who gain their livelihood from their land through agriculture. And the other classification would be the normal economy that serves the more sophisticated firms and individuals who are investing in South Africa from various parts of the world.

And what strengthens the economy of this country is that since the first elections they had in the 90s, the first thing they did is they liberated their economy, this was made in order to make it a worldwide economy, and to attract foreign investors instead of being enclosed on its self. And they have also achieved great results on different surveys concerned with the degree of safety and competitiveness of the business atmosphere in South Africa.

So as it seems that for any investor who is looking for an emerging economy to invest in, South Africa would easily be the answer, this is mostly true, but of course nothing is perfect, that’s why investing in South Africa’s economy is not without any risks, as investors will have to overcome the social problems and the political corruption that exists on so many levels, alongside the region’s tension and turbulences.

As for the investors that already exist there, there are international companies who push high end products into the market, which, unfortunately, targets a very little slice of the population, and these products don’t fulfill the needs of the people who have low income, which is the majority of people in South Africa. That’s why for any investor joining in to grab a piece of the South African market, he will have to re-consider his products and services, and to make sure it suits the majority of the low income people in South Africa. That’s why the best way to reach the low income black South African, is Market Segmenting, which states that the traditions and attitude of the targeted consumer, is more important than their income level, as this affects their shopping patterns more than the income itself. But keep in mind that targeting this level of low income people must be accompanied by affordable yet useful products.

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A Dark Horse Emerge as the Macau Party Poker Cup Champion

We have just gone through another exhilarating event of the Macau Party Poker series. The new champion, Nicky Tao Jin hails from Asia. Nicky Tao Jin is better known for being an aggressive online competitor but the Macau Poker Cup proved to the poker playing world that he can do as well playing live poker and could raise his popularity in the industry a notch higher.

The Red Dragon Main Event opened with a huge number of players of 635. The number was eventually whittled down to 18 players. Nicky Tao never thought that he will bring home the victory as he had the 2nd shortest stack. Another new face in the room was Jay Tan who has started to build up quite a number of fans as she starts to make a mark in the Asian poker circuit.

Today was an unlikely day for Jay Tan as she seems not get her cards right, though her luck stuck with her to bring her to the final game just as the players were whittled down to half just a number of hours. Earlier champions of Macau Poker Cup such as Julian Hasse (13th) and Denny Yu (16th) didn’t quite make it; Japan’s last hope of being in the final table was dashed when Satoshi Yabota got eliminated.

The game was clearly dominated by David Martirosyan of Russia as he was the constant chip leader. Craig Eicheier of Britain gained second place because of one three-outer courtesy of Jay tan which also caused her to slip back in ranking.
Nicky Tao Jin squeezed his way into the final game with the shortest stack. At times, it seemed that he would be able to be back in contention but he slides down again as luck does not want to stick with him. Jin’s fortune changed the moment he got included in the final table and the rest was history.

In the initial hands, Jin had a hit twice to eliminate Shao-hung Lee from the 9th place. Jin then shot up the leaderboard when Abhishek Goindi of India presented the strongest challenger on the table.

There was a deadlock as the remaining eight players held on fast to the game table, all intensely eyeing the growing cash pot of the grand prize. But in any contest, one or some will have to give way sooner or later. This time Po En was eliminated at the 8th place.

Then Ke Chen indubitably lost the game versus Nicky Tao Jin when he was eliminated in the 7th place then Jin also had a set with the help of pocket sixes to ease out Zuo Wang from the 6th place. Despite this, Wang is still a player to contend with in Macau.

Nicky Tao Jin continued to gain over the players leaving him with a slim lead against Abishek Goidi. After a short flop, and when everything was accounted for, Nicky Tao Jin emerged as the newest Champion of the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon.

Our warmest kudos to Nicky Tao Jin for a job very well done indeed!

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The Luminaries of the European Poker Tour

Pierre Neuville, a Team PokerStars Pro, almost missed the chance of being the first Belgian European Poker Tour champion during the event in Copenhagen this Sunday. He however, quickly recovered his bearings as he climbed up the fourth position in this All-Time European Poker Tour Leaderboard. At the last EPT6 Vilamoura challenge, Neuville was also among the top ten players. This is the highest position he has achieved so far.

With the additional points he garnered in Copenhagen, Neuville raised his ranking in the Leaderboard and now owns the record for the highest score of EPT champion except for Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier. Pierre Neuville is now trying to beat Martin Jacobson, a Swedish pro who is likewise an EPT runner-up for two events and currently the year’s EPT Online Qualifier.
Neuville is quite a veteran of poker having played the games 50 years back. He left poker for about 25 years to engage in business. Now that he has retired, he returned to his old love, naturally, poker, by joining the 2008 PCA where he placed 18th. There was no stopping from then on as he got the top slot the following EPT San Remo season finishing in the ninth place with a €78,800 cash reward then finishing second in the Vilamoura challenge which facilitated his garnering the Qualifier of Year Award as well as a earning a slot in the Team PokerStars Pro.

It seems that as far as Pierre Neuville is concerned, age is not an issue when it comes to playing poker, as like wine, he gets better with age. To date, Neuville has won 12 European Poker Tour cashes, putting him ahead of the rest of the players within the top ten range. He still has to beat Luca Pagano, another PokerStars Pro, who has won 20 cashes and who has managed to break his own record during the Deuville EPT.

Martin Jacobson’s performance during the All-Time European Poker Leaderboard is quite noteworthy as he just joined the EPT circuit in Season 5. This is quite an achievement because his colleagues within the top ten circuit joined the competition in Season 3 and in Season 4. Jacobson has already garnered seven cashes in the Main Event that includes four last table appearances. He has earned a total of $1.9 million solely from the EPT Main Events. He has earned additional $80,000 from tours having five side events.

ElkY and Luca Pagano have interchangeably occupied the top two positions in the TLB for many years. They have been with the tour for a number of years as they have been playing since Season 1 of the EPT and have been long-time members of the PokerStars Pro Team, participating in its many events.

After the Copenhagen season, the EPT All-Time Tournament ranking structure was changed. It was a hard decision to make, but it was deemed more proper to exclude High Roller events from the TLB mix to even the playing field for high-stake players. Will Molson was greatly affected by this change. Although he was not on the top ten ranking yet, his being a PCA High Roller last year and a runner-up as well for the past two consecutive years gave him high 1,454 points. Also affected were ElkY, Neuville and Benny Spindler, but the points they lost due to the change were not very significant to have a bearing on their rankings.

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An Abundance of Attractions in South Africa

South Africa offers many different attractions that tempt tourists to visit this multi-ethnic country. Proudly known as a ‘rainbow nation’, this intriguing nation and a wonderful destination for any traveller looking for a unique vacation experience. People journey to South Africa to experience the culture, vivid attractions, and exciting wildlife seen nowhere else in the world. Many different travel agencies will offer deals and packages for people interested in visiting South Africa, so tourists should shop around to find the agent with the best deals.

The town with that receives the most annual visitors in South Africa is Cape Town. Due to its geographical beauty, it is considered one of the most gorgeous cities worldwide. A few notable points of interest include Cape Point, Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens, Table Mountain National Park, and Boulders Beach. One popular activity in Cape Town is whale watching; nothing can describe the breathtaking experience of watching these peaceful mammals of the sea in their natural habitat.

The Garden Route is another experience no tourist should miss. It features sweeping river cut gorges, rocky headlands, gorgeous beaches, and densely packed, mysterious forests. This route runs the Western Cape in Mossel Bay and ends at the Storms River. Many picturesque towns sprinkle the route, including Mossel Bay, Knysna, Oudsthsoorn, Plettenberg Bay, Nature’s Valley, and George.

For the tourist looking for a subtropical beach experience, Durban is a great place to check out. Florida Road, located in Durban, is a place where tourists can kick back and enjoy the lively atmosphere. This street is filled with vibrant restaurants, cafes, and bars—as well as plenty of places to purchase that perfect South African souvenir. Be sure to check out some of the other experiences Durban has to offer, such as their City Hall, Victoria Street Market, Umhlanga Rocks, Berea, Essenwood Craft Market, The Golden Mile beach and Durban Botanical Gardens.

If interested in looking for the ‘Big Five’ game animals, tourists should check out Kruger Park, spanning a little over 7,000 square miles, ranging approximately 200 miles north to south and 40 miles from east to west. This park is home to over 517 different varieties of birds, and around 150 species of mammals. Kruger can be explored either on your own, or with a tour guide to get the full experience of this breathtaking expanse of wildlife.

The Dragon Mountains, also known as Drakensberg, is an enthralling mountain range covered in an expanse of endless greenery during summer, capped with sparkling snow during the winter. Found in the eastern section of South Africa, the vivid mountain range is an amazing spot to visit with many places to capture rock art on camera. Drakensberg is home to many wonderful hotels and inns, as well as host to areas for fly fishing and golfing.

There are many beauteous and entertaining spots in South Africa that no traveller should miss. Whether a tourist wants the rugged outdoors, beautiful photographic opportunities, or a lively town, South Africa has it all.

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World Cup Betting Guide

The World Cup is going to be held in South Africa and we’re getting closer and closer to the event. All of the set-up process is well underway and it won’t be long before people from around the world travel to South Africa to witness some of the best soccer in the world. The World Cup only takes place once every four years and since the players are playing for their country the competition is always fierce.

Since most of the teams have already been determined now for the World Cup you can already start making wagers on the event. You can already bet on what team you think is going to win the World Cup with many sportsbooks. If you’re thinking about betting on the World Cup then now would be a good time to bet on what team you think will win the World Cup. The posted odds right now are going to change a lot as we lead up to the kick-off of the event so it would be wise to lock in your bets now.

Once the World Cup nears closer you’ll be able to start doning some serious world cup betting on single matches as well. In the early rounds you might not be able to wager that much due to the fact that you would need to pay a lot of juice. When you bet on a heavy favourite to win you often need to pay a lot of juice and it makes the bet not even worth making. As the underdog teams get knocked out of the event you’ll notice the odds on the matches becoming a lot more valuable for the bettor.

The World Cup is always filled with surprises and often there are a couple underdog teams that make big pushes into the late rounds. I would spend the first round watching the games without betting so that you can see how each team meshes together. The last thing you want to do is lose all your money in the first round because you didn’t have a clue about how the teams were going to perform.

If you’re planning on going to South Africa for the World Cup, then you’re going to be in for a treat. There are a total of ten different stadiums where the event is going to take place in a total of nine different cities. There will be thousands of people in South Africa for the event so make sure you plan out your trip before you leave. If you still don’t have tickets you can find them online through ticket brokers, but expect to pay a high premium at this point for tickets.

The World Cup only comes around once every four years so you don’t want to miss out on the action. Next to Pokerstars, it’s one of the most wagered on soccer events in the world and there is a lot of money to be made. Every single sportsbook that offers soccer bets throughout the year should offer odds on the World Cup. If you can’t find odds on your sportsbook then you might want to consider one of the bigger books that have posted their odds already.

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2010 World Cup Predictions

With the 2010 World Cup inching closer to kick-off everyday there are tons of people making predictions about what team is going to win the event. A lot of players have been making predictions and most of them are very close to the same. I like to always throw in a couple dark horse picks when I make my predictions, so take these predictions for what they are. If you’re going to be making wagers on the 2010 World Cup this June then you’ll want to do your own research as well. There are various bets that you can make throughout the World Cup event, but for this article we’re just going to take a look at what teams I feel have a shot at winning.

Spain +400

· Spain is no doubt that clear favourite heading into the 2010 World Cup online poker championship game and anything less then first place for Spaniard fans wouldn’t be acceptable. I think they have a great shot at winning the event, but the odds don’t really stand out to me as having much value. Spain has also had some horrible games in the recent past although they’ve also proven that they are a top calibre team. Spain has plenty of firepower up front and I can’t see them not finishing in the top four this year at the World Cup.

Brazil +500

· Brazil opened up months ago with the same odds as Spain, but they’ve slipped down in the rankings a bit. I would personally rather take the +500 with Brazil then the +400 with Spain, but it’s totally up to you. Brazil has been the most consistent team in the history of the World Cup and there is no doubt that they’ll be a team to watch out for this summer. They have an easy division to qualify in the first round although the match against Portugal should give us some insight on how the Brazilians have prepared for the World Cup.

Serbia +6600

· Obviously I’m only going to splash a very small amount on this wager for fun, but I like the chances of Serbia to make it past the initial round and from there anything can happen. Serbia is sponsored by PokerStars and will need to battle it out against Ghana, Australia and Germany in the first round and I think they’ll be able to finish in the top two out of those four teams. Serbia has proven that they can be a contender this year by finishing better then France in the qualifying round. South Africa might be the time to shine for the Serbians.

England +600

· England always has a chance to win at the world stage and Rooney is going to need to have a huge impact if they want to compete this year. I personally don’t see England making it into the top four this year let alone winning the Full Tilt World Cup, but you still can’t count them out. The +600 doesn’t jump out at me and I’d rather be laying my money on other teams such as Germany (+1200), Italy (+1200) or even Portugal (+2800).

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How South Africa is Preparing for the 2010 WorldCup

In 2010, for the first time ever, South Africa is hosting the FIFA World Cup. As is the case whenever a country is hosting a major sporting event, there is a great deal of preparation involved.

South Africa asked to be considered for the opportunity to host the 2010 WorldCup Betting event after the decision was made to rotate the World Cup from one country to the next in order to provide more fans with an opportunity to attend the event. South Africa was one of five African countries who bid on the opportunity to host the event. South Africa learned that their bid was accepted on May 15, 2004, giving South Africa six years to prepare for the event.

Hosting events like the 2010 World Cup is a really big deal. It provides a country with several different opportunities to advertise itself and to boost its economy. Hosting the World Cup has led to the creation of more than 159,000 jobs.

In addition to putting citizens to work, South Africa hopes that people will be so impressed with the country while they watch the matches on their televisions that they will start to seriously consider visiting the country the next time they go on vacation. Since the eyes of the world will be focused on South Africa during June, the country is determined to put its best foot forward.

The final advantage to hosting the 2010 World Cup is that South Africa’s soccer team was granted one of the 32 slots.

Since South Africa is use to being the center of attention, preparing for the 2010 World Cup is easier for them, than it would be for a country that has never hosted as world wide sporting event. This will be the sixth time South Africa has hosted a sports World Cup. The first time they hosted a major event was the Rugby World Cup in 1995, the last time was in 2006 when South Africa hosted A1 GP World Cup’s only street race. The advantage to hosting so many important sporting events is that South Africa has solid idea of what to expect when the soccer teams and fans start to arrive in June

Getting ready for an event like the 2010 World Cup isn’t cheap. By the time the event roles around in June and estimated $7 billion dollars will have been spent on preparation for the event. The money was used to renovate the 10 stadiums that will be used for the World Cup. In addition to making sure that the event facilities are completely modernized, South Africa also took a hard look at their roads and railway system and made improvements wherever problems were anticipated. The Johannesburg International Airport, where most of the soccer fans are expected to arrive and exit the country, has been connected to Pretoria by a high speed railway system that is going to make travel easier and faster to travel during the event.

While the government is preparing the city for the event, hotels and restaurant owners are making their own preparations. They are hiring extra employees and stocking up on supplies.

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Don’t overlook a quality football betting tight end

That’s right folks, when it comes to making the small plays that can break wide open into game-changing huge plays, tight ends cannot be dismissed. They are the ultimate X-factor in any NFL betting game, so let’s take a look at the top dogs and see if they have enough to influence how you bet during the season.

Let’s talk about Owen Daniels for the Texans. No, he’s not on the best team here, but the guy has been in the league three years now, and has clocked in with back-to-back 60+ reception years. Those are strong numbers for a guy only starting to peak. The one thing the Texans can do is score, and Daniels will be key to powering this offense. Key to the tune of 12.5 yards per catch. Nice. If not for wins, then to push the Texans over the edge on the under/over number for close games, Daniels is someone to keep in mind.

The rest on this list are known names, although perhaps they aren’t in known uniforms. Take the football betting pro Tony Gonzalez for example. I still can’t picture this guy outside of a red and white jersey, but he’s playing for the Falcons now, along with big Michael Turner. I don’t even need to run off any of this guy’s stats, the most important thing to keep in mind with Tony is that every year you think he’s “done” and he won’t make a difference is another year he proves you wrong. The Chiefs are another team that’s spent far too much time on offense, but when you have a guy like Gonzalez, who scores and scores and catches like there’s no tomorrow, you play to your strengths. Expect the Falcons to do the same, except make the playoffs. Gonzalez can single-handedly add 2 or more wins to the Falcons record this year.

And finally, Jason Witten. The Cowboys lost one offensive weapon, but there are plenty of others ready to step in and show the league this team is still one to content with in the NFC. Witten is a mechanic, running perfect routes nearly every time. He’s got great hands, and has seen the fruits of his labor result in four Pro Bowl appearances. If you are looking at the NFL Odds, we suggest you bet the Cowboys this year, and bet them often, to win those close games. I think this team is primed to be in the conference championship game, at least, and Witten will be at the core of the offensive onslaught.

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How Visual Imagery Can Help Tennis Players

Tennis is a sport that requires players to be agile, quick and able to endure long periods of sudden changes of movements. At the same time, tennis is considered by many people as a mental sport. This is mainly because of the fact that tennis also requires quick thinking, alertness, presence of mind and focus on the part of the player in order to win the game. That being the case, it is quite common for many coaches to also include a variety of mental conditioning drills as part of the tennis player’s training program. One of this is the use of visual imagery.

As the tennis betting term implies, visual imagery is a mental conditioning technique that allows tennis players to program and reprogram their minds in order for it to respond properly regardless of the condition or state that the player is in. During a tennis tournament, fatigue brought about by physical stress and the pressure faced by tennis players can cause their thinking abilities to deteriorate. Through the use of visual imagery, the tennis player is able to focus more and make those all-important split-second decisions during the game. Apart from this, the use of visual imagery has been found to help tennis players rehearse new skills and techniques learned while refining existing skills in order for these to become almost second nature during the match. Visual imagery has also been found to help lower the anxiety level of tennis players as well as boost their confidence levels making them more ready to get out in the court and play the game.

This is best done when the tennis player such as Andre Agassi is relaxed and in a quiet location. After finding a comfortable position, the player then closes his or her eyes and slowly begins to get a picture of the different techniques that have been learned as well as existing skills and techniques that they already know. In effect, this is pretty much like playing a match in their mind as if they are watching it from the sidelines. The ideal length of time to do this is anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. It is extremely important to make sure that while doing this technique to remember the correct manner on how certain techniques are done. Otherwise, the player would end up programming their mind with the incorrect techniques and skills which may greatly affect their chances of winning the game.

Successfully using visual imagery does take a while to get used to. The most important thing to remember when you are betting on tennis is to clear your head from other kinds of distraction that may come into your mind. In the event that distracting thoughts do come in, simply set them aside and go back to visualizing your game play. When done on a regular basis, visual imagery can greatly improve the ability of the tennis player to focus during a game. At the same time, it is a great way to relax and psyche themselves right before a game, allowing themselves to be cool, calm, confident and composed before the match.

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Beginner’s Guide to Golf

For many people, golf betting is more than just another sport. In fact, there are a number of businessmen and women use their ability to play golf as a means to minimize the stress and conservativeness usually found in business meetings, giving them a higher chance to close that all important business deal for the company. That being the case, it is no surprise that there is now a growing number of people who are interested in learning to play golf.

Whether you see golf as a hobby, a sport which you could become a professional in, or a businessman wanting to get that advantage with prospective clients, here is a simple guide to help you understand more about the game of golf.

Understanding the Game

The main objective of the game of golf is pretty simple: get the golf ball into the hole with the least amount of strokes possible. But, as golf players can attest, this is easier said than done. This is the main reason why many golfers tend to spend so much time on the tee is because there are so many things that need to be taken into consider. A slight breeze is enough to change the entire direction of where the golf ball lands. A minimal depression or curve on the slope that the golfer may not feel while walking can cause the golf ball to roll away a bit farther than hoped for.

A standard golf game consists of 18 holes with the distance between each hole being anywhere from 100 to 600 yards. This is the reason why professional golf tournaments can last for a number of days. Many people would often go for just 9 holes which can easily set beginners off half of a day in no time at all.

The Right Equipment is Very Important

Just like any of the online sportsbooks, to play the game of golf, you need to get the right equipment. The basic would often include golf clubs and golf shoes to ensure that the fairway does not get ruined underneath your feet. A complete golf club set can be quite expensive for many beginners and for this reason they would often start with four clubs: a driver, one wood, a 9 iron and a putter.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Learning how to properly swing the golf club in order not only to hit the ball as far as possible, but also guide it to where you want to go takes a lot of practice. Even professional golfer still need to practice and hone their skills every now and then. Many people would often enroll in golfing lessons in order to learn the basic techniques to help them play a decent game in the fairway. Instead of heading out to the fairway, many people would often practice their golfing techniques in driving ranges. Apart from being able to hone their techniques and skills, spending time in the driving range is a great way to relax and relieve the stress of work, providing you the best of both worlds.

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Online Blackjack Tips and Tricks

The popularity of blackjack as a card game has extended into the virtual world and now online blackjack is taking the world by storm. Indeed, several pokerstars players are spending countless of hours playing this one and are therefore interested to learn about basic strategies and tricks they can use to gain advantage.

It is not true that you have to rely on chance alone to bring in the winnings when it comes to playing online blackjack. After all, you still have means to turn the odds toward your favor and bring home some large cash winnings.

As with anything, you must always come up with a plan before you start playing online blackjack. This should cover the overall aspect of your playing approach, as well as managing your funds well.

You must begin by determining how much you can spend while you play blackjack online to avoid spending more than you can afford. To put it in perspective, you must identify how much you can afford to lose. When you are placing your money as a bet, there are no guarantees that you will be able to get that money back, or even double or triple it. For instance, if you can afford to bet up to $150, then you should consider playing multiple hands. Search around the table with the minimum bet of at least $5. You will considerably increase your money within the shortest time possible if you choose to play in a table with up to 20 bets. You can go high or low in your strategy, it’s your call. But always have a plan in mind.

The next tip you must learn is to avoid chasing your losses. If you do, especially in the game of online blackjack wherein you can never predict the results, you could end up losing a sizeable amount of money, something of which you cannot afford to do. This is a very typical reaction for blackjack players, such that they play aggressive in the hopes of gaining back whatever they have lost. In most cases, expert blackjack players suggest taking a brief time off in order to think logically before you proceed onto your next bet.

Next, you must play variation. Your ability to understand the game inside and out is helpful such that you know when to take the plunge, and when you must not. There are certain games that offer “surrender” option at, such that you can surrender your hand and retain half of your bet, if you identify certain conditions aren’t working towards your favor. This is a move that you must identify when to take advantage of.

You must also review the bonus rules for each game. This is where most blackjack online players get most of their money from, so you should look at it as well. There is often a wagering requirement for earning bonuses in any online casino, which includes playing certain games. But bonuses are often rare for online blackjack, but do not forget to inquire with the administrator for an online casino to determine if they have it or not.

And the final tip and strategy to keep in mind when playing online blackjack is to keep practicing. Although luck could be a factor, your skill and knowledge of the game could put you at an advantageous position.

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The World Cup of Soccer

Every four years, 32 of the worlds best soccer teams get together for the World Cup of Soccer. In an attempt to make it possible for more fans to attend soccer’s biggest event a different country hosts the World Cup. South Africa was lucky enough to have the winning bid for the 2010 World Cup of Soccer.

Hosting the World Cup of Soccer

Hosting the World Cup of Soccer is a really big deal. Large sporting events, like the World Cup, do two things. The first perk to hosting the World Cup is that the eyes of every soccer player in the world are going to be on South Africa, providing an excellent way to educate people about the country, and also encouraging future tourism. The second and most immediate advantage to hosting the World Cup is an immediate boost to the countries income. Events like the World Cup draw thousand of tourist who will spend large sums of money while they are watching the soccer matches.

The really neat thing about the World Cup of soccer is that it isn’t just held in one place. The soccer matches are spread out over nine different South African cities and will be held in a total of ten different venues, five of the venues are brand new and were built special for the World Cup. The cities that will be welcoming soccer fans include Cape Town, Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Tshwane/Pretoria, Durban, Mangaung/Bloemfontein, Polokwane, and Rustenburg. None of the cities are more than three hours apart from the other. The South African government has gone to great lengths to make sure that the rail lines and roads are in great shape, so commuting from one event to the next should be no problem. An airport is located near or in each of hosting cities.

Qualifying for the World Cup of Soccer

Attending the World Cup of Soccer provides soccer fans with the rare opportunity to see the best soccer teams in the world play one another. The teams competing in South Africa have worked hard to get there. When the qualifications for the World Cup started in August of 2007, 204 teams were eligible for a chance to compete at the World Cup. Only one team, the team from South Africa, was guaranteed a slot.

For more than two years teams all over the world, met competing for one of the thirty-one remaining slots. The last qualifying round was played on November 19, 2009. More 2337 goals were scored during the 848 qualifying matches.

The teams that will be playing in South Africa include teams from

l Algeria

l Argentina

l Australia

l Brazil

l Cameroon

l Chile

l Denmark

l England

l France

l Germany

l Ghana

l Greece

l Italy

l Honduras

l Ivory Coast

l Japan

l Mexico

l New Zealand

l Netherlands

l Nigeria

l North Korea

l Paraguay

l Portugal

l Serbia

l Slovakia

l Slovenia

l South Africa

l South Korea

l Spain

l Switzerland

l United States

l Uruguay

The defending champion from the 2006 World Cup of Soccer is the team from Italy. The teams competing in the 2010 World Cup Odds have been divided by region. Each of the regions will play until there is a regional championship. Each of the regional champions will play one another until a champion is declared.

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